Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Struggle of Being Christian Believing that God is Even Real or Jesus is Real & NOT JUST A MAN

This may bother some. I'm not sharing something off being "close minded". By far, I'm one of the most "open-minded" people I've ever met, but over time, I've learned the hard way that "open-mindedness" has a huge price, that I've paid. All these things I mentioned in this video, I've done it.... but what's funny is God uses all things to bring you closer to him, but don't waste time by not getting closer to him now when you feel him pulling you. It will only happen for so long that God will leave you to your foolishness to experience the pain that accompanies sin on it's own. The wages of sin is death... Death of all the things you thought were for you...all the things you once chased... all the things you thought were right... and ultimately, it could cost you life if you don't pull yourself out of it fully, not partial, but completely. This is my experience, but as always...THE CHOICE IS YOURS.

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