Wednesday, March 7, 2018

DREAM I Had About TORNADOES & SEVERAL People Commenting on the same thing | WHAT'S THE ODDS???

So I've been getting the urge to do these types of videos especially with the dreams I'm having. I'm not sure who this is for. This video is never to point folks out, but to make us look at ourselves and reflect, aka what I like to refer to as THOUGHT PROVOKING... Sometimes we just sail through life with no one ever saying anything to us and the foolishness we do... Those are the same folks that sit back and talk about you, instead of saying something to you. Well, I'll be the one to tell you because I wish someone would have sat down and told me sooner to help me see myself, but hey... God uses EVERYONE just where you are. He knew your story would be used to bring Glory to him... so don't worry if you've lived a not so clean life, because God enjoys cleaning it up! THANK GOODNESS or should we say THANK GOD!

Tornado video


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