Monday, January 15, 2018

We are Called to TRUST GOD even When We Have TRUST & FAITH ISSUES

Trusting God always seems like one of the hardest things, especially when it comes to letting go of what we've done for the longest time. Usually, it's because we have no clue what doing what's right looks like, thinking it will be the hardest thing ever, but that's where we are wrong. Letting to trust God is not a one time thing and you're done. It's something that will be continually tested, the more and more you choose to follow God. That's where I'm at this moment in my life, learning to trust God when I have no idea where he's taking me, but I have to remember to trust when I'm tempted to go back to being fearful, as if it's a safe place for me to stay. I hope this makes sense for those it's suppose to reach. Thank you for watching.


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