Monday, December 25, 2017


So I did this look the other weekend and it was super easy. I didn’t have to worry about fussing with my hair or what would work with my outfit. I will be doing a video about my previously thinning hair, I’M CLAIMING IT, to MY FULL AND LONG HAIR. There will be before and after photos for this one as well. With the pomade, it is not a super hold gel, it's more of a soft hold gel that does not flake, making it easy to restyle your hair the next to something else without flaking. The other one I used from Okay pure naturals did the same exact thing. So if you're looking for a super hold, use a gel that's known for that along with this to achieve the color and sheen.

I got my ponytail from a beauty store, so you can also check your local beauty store as well.

Samsbeauty Page Full of Synthetic Pony Tails - This should help you find any texture of color hair to hopefully match yours if you’re seeking a quick hair solution, whether your hair is thinning or not.

Arkin Argan Oil Super Hold Edge Control - No Flaking Residue - 2.25oz (Black) : Beauty

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