Friday, October 20, 2017

NEW Mini Palettes from COLOURED RAINE


Now, I've never tried this brand, and I was hoping this would cost a lot less than $36 compared to the larger palette they have, Queen of Hearts, for $50. That one I can see paying that much for, but with companies like ColourPop creating similar products, it would cool to see the price come down a bit more on these. Maybe the process and formula are different as well as the cost to manufacture the packaging. I'm sure there is so much that goes into creating a palette, especially when you are getting limited quantities created, verses a large batch, aka the more you create the cheaper it is. So for smaller makeup companies, I could see why they charge more for something that looks like they should charge less, aka the Cat's Pajamas Palette. Let me know if you've tried these eyeshadow and what's your take is on the pigmentation/color payoff.

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