Thursday, July 6, 2017

Life has a funny way of either slowing your down or making you focus

So I recently purchased a new lens thinking that my issue with why my camera wasn't working was because of a broken lens after my camera fell off the shelf. After getting over excited about finally purchasing a new lens, I hooked it up and found out that it was actually the camera that was damaged. Talk about some seriously hurt feelings... So I took it in on Friday and found out yesterday that it will be another $245 to fix it. The lifestyle of a youtuber is no joke.

The funny thing is when I realized my camera wouldn't work the first time, I didn't even bother getting upset. It was just quite simply pointless. So now I'm probably going to have to wait another 2 before I can get that fixed, I hope and pray!

I think I may just have to get more creative instead of waiting for this camera to get fixed.

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  1. Awe Karin just had to check out why your were MIA. I know that feeling. Really miss your amazing spirit & positive advice, tutorials, reviews videos and God is going to work things out. Hope you had a wonderful 4th. :)