Tuesday, January 10, 2017

How to Get Your SPIRIT & MIND on the RIGHT Track in 2017 using the Power of "I AM"

I've been practicing this for a while, but the last time I truly practiced this, besides writing in a journal, was over 3 years ago. I ran across some videos on YouTube that totally reminded me of creating my list of affirmations using the power of "I Am" or "I Have" to speak positive words into existence, and not just negative words and thinking, and it ALL involves GOD... My favorite part, unlike The Secret, which makes it seem mysterious. I'm going to leave an audio video down below of "The Game of Life, and how to play it" by Florence Scovel. Totally worth listening to over and over and over until it sinks into your mind and heart. There's a noted fact that it takes over 16 times for something to become a habit or become embedded in you. That could be working out 16 times consecutively, to better eating habits, to listening to a song before you learn the lyrics(whether you like it or not.) Something to think about.

The Game of Life & How to Play it - http://bit.ly/2jAdcOl

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