Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Kathleen Lights x Morphe Brushes Palette MAKEUP GIVEAWAY + DEMO REVIEW

So when I saw this, I thought I would give it try since I never got a chance to purchase the Jaclyn Hill Collab. I have to say, I have no regrets! This works better then a palette I recently purchase from a highend brand for a fraction of the cost. Unfortunately, it looks like it's no longer available on the Morphe Brushes website, but I do have one extra available for a giveaway.


e.l.f. Beautifully Precise Smudge Brush -
Kathleen Lights Morphe Brushes Collab Palette
- Not Available
Tarteist™ Creamy Matte Lip Paint - Naughty Nudes RAVE

Shea Moisture Volumizing Mascara Black
Elf Lock on Liner & Brow Gel -

Bhcosmetics Studio Pro Brow Pomade(Did a comparison video with the elf.) -

Milani Spice Lipliner -
Milani Matte Beauty Lipstick -


1.  Subscribe to my Youtube channel & like this video, (if you're already subscribed, just click on the link in video and follow the rest).

2.  Enter the raffle on my blog since the winner will be randomly selected through the app. DO NOT POST YOUR EMAIL IN THE COMMENTS. Feel free to add your Youtube name, Facebook and/or instagram on the raffle, it was easier to find the winner for the last giveaway after 5 tries.

3. Share in the comments section what you love about this Kathleen Lights Palette or what you love about her. Once you’re done entering, that's it!

The giveaway begins Nov. 16th, 2016, and ends Dec. 16, 2016 at 12am. This giveaway is open to females 18 years or older, and U.S. residents only.

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  1. AHHH! Well I love Kathleen! I love how she's super honest about how she feels about everything (from her life to products she doesn't like), and also she seems really different from a lot of the Youtube/Instagram famous. I notice a lot of girls I started following changed from where they started to where they are now with the fame (getting lip injections, sponsoring fad products, etc), and that's not a bad thing, but sometimes I just like authenticity and seeing something different! Kathleen always has stayed true to herself and that is the difference that sets her a part and keeps me watching! Plus, she always just has good truthful content. I know I am not being told some BS product is great lol. My Instagram name is @gabb00ty (with two zeros, not o's). It's embarrassing, but I wanted it to be funny! BTW, I love your vids! XOXOXOX