Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Signs in the Sky GOD'S HAND IN THE CLOUDS July 26 2016

I felt compelled to share this video I captured a few days ago and posted on instagram. If you're not aware, there are loads of videos on Youtube under "Signs in the Heavens and Earth" show images of clouds, weather conditions and world news. It leaves you to make you own interpretation with no audio from the author. After seeing this, I had to share to inspire others out there who are living in fear, or just not aware and just moving day to day without seeking God on a daily basis and FIRST! I can only say these things because I've been that person that didn't acknowledge him in my thoughts or actions. I knew of God, and spoke of him, but never obeyed him or sought him out through good or bad times. That's a whole other story to share another time, hopefully. But I hope you enjoy the video and it encourages you to seek God now. Not tomorrow, or next Sunday, but right this moment. Stop what you're doing and just sit and talk to him, whether you know what to say or now, ask him to show you how to seek him.


  1. Love this and your Beautiful spirit... And you're on Decatur, GA!

    1. Hey Barbara, Thank you very much for your kind words :) And YES, that was in Decatur! LOL...