Thursday, August 18, 2016

SHEA MOISTURE Desert Sand REVIEW + DEMO | Natural Nude Eye + 2 Color Eyeliner Looks

For this video, I was actually trying to do a nude eye, and then the look went left with the #coloreyeliner and I thought, "Why Not!" lol... I hope y'all like the look and review for Shea Moisture's Desert Sand's Palette. I did have a subscriber "MrsTheDoll" that wanted to see a review on the eyeshadow. So far, here is one palette! Let me know what you think if you own these already.

Shea Moisture Desert Palette -
Bhcosmetics v5 Vegan Blending Brush -
Bhcosmetics v6 Vegan Blending  Brush -
Bhcosmetics BH Bliss Lash - Ultimate All-In-One Mascara -
BH Cosmetics  Luxe Lacquer Vivid Color Lipstick -

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