Sunday, July 17, 2016

MAKEUP GIVEAWAY ColourPop Elf Cometics Sponge Trio THE Balm Nude Dude Palette + Haul

Finally!!! I got this video up! I'm so excited it came together all on it's own. I hope y'all like this giveaway and makeup haul. It's funny when you haven't done something in a while, or as much as you use to, you have to find your flow all over again.

1.  Subscribe to my Youtube channel & like this video, (if you're already subscribed, just click on the link in video and follow the rest).

2.  Enter the raffle on my blog since the winner will be randomly selected through the app. DO NOT POST YOUR EMAIL IN THE COMMENTS. Feel free to add your Facebook on the raffle, it was easier to find the winner for the last giveaway after 5 tries.

3. Part of entering this contest is you choosing to do something kind, show someone kindness. It could be someone you never speak to at work, just smiling, saying hello, or asking someone how they’re doing and only listening. THIS IS TO BE DONE FOR ONE FULL DAY. It’s about stepping outside of our safe comfort zone and being the light, not just keeping it only for the people we care for. Once you’re done, come back to this video and post "IT IS DONE!" If you’re up to it, you can share how it made you feel to do this.

May God direct in how you should show kindness towards others. The giveaway begins July 17, 2016, and ends August 17, 2016 at 12am. This giveaway is open to females 18 years or older, and U.S. residents only.