Wednesday, December 2, 2015

NYX New Beauty School Dropout Makeup Palettes
I have been debating on getting the Graduate palette for a few weeks now, but wanted to get something or some other products first. I may still get it to test it out since NYX has never disappointed me when it came to their eyeshadow products. The palette also includes 35 eyeshadow colors, highlight, contour and blush as well. It's the perfect palette to travel with, if the contour colors go with your skin tone. I'm sure for darker skin tones, the contour shade could be used as the highlight color, and a darker eyeshadow could be used to contour.

The Alumni Palette, takes it up a notch with their 40 lip colors, 69 eyeshadow and more contour/blush shades to select from. I also love the sleek look of the palette. They really thought about what their customers are use to expecting when it comes to the layout of the makeup palette. If you bought this product, I would love to hear your thoughts on these palettes.

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