Friday, November 13, 2015 Black Friday Deals! We've taken an Extra 25% off Markdowns

If you were with me when I first started my channel, you already know I have a huge wig fascination. I was attempting to grow my hair out for a change, and trying to resolve the issue of not wanting to snip my hair off when it reached the top of my ears. I saw this in my email and had to post! Do you see these prices!!! My favorites on here are YU 15, Daija, Beauty Meadow, Darline, Alpine Meadow, Petal Blossom, Demi, and MacKensie! Shoot... They are all gorgeous! Even though my hair has grown longer, sometimes I just don't feel like doing my hair spending all that time putting on makeup, and figuring out what to wear. I will say this, being a woman is not easy, but it sure can be glamorous!

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