Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Atlanta Drugstore Makeup Vlog Part 1 & 2 Nov. 3, 2015

So I've been wanting to do this since this Youtube channel began, but some how I never thought it out, or more so, acted on it. It's funny how you can think about something all you want, plan it out to the fullest detail. All of that means nothing if you never just jump up and act on it. So this is what I decided to do last night. I was blessed to meet a young woman that you will see in the clip. Things like this just don't happen out of the blue... They happen because I choose to act, and God, first and most, had something better in mind for us both. God always meets you more then half way when you choose to get up and walk. I hope you like my first vlog. It got pretty there's a part 1 and 2. 




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