Monday, October 12, 2015

Easy tip to clean your makeup pencil sharpeners

I know if I suffer with the issue of my makeup pencils product clogging up my pencil sharpener, I'm sure other people experience the same problem. In the past, I've tried using q-tips, but it made things worse by pressing the product further down into the other end, making it more difficult to remove. One of my biggest issues was when I tried to sharpen a different color pencil, and the color from the previous pencil would transfer, and get all over it.

A simple way to thoroughly clean out the pencil sharpener is by using a disposable mascara wand or a used one for those who don't have a need to purchase a large batch of wands. I find that Dawn works best for cutting through grease, as well as makeup. Start by applying a small amount of Dawn to the wand and water to help the soap lather up, and brush it back and forth through both openings, where you insert the pencil, and where the shavings come out. Rinse with water, and repeat until there is no more makeup visible. Viola! Now you have a clean pencil sharpener.

I hope you find this tip useful to properly clean out your clogged makeup sharpener.

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