Wednesday, September 16, 2015

What I learned from The Beauty Hour with Mimi J. at The Glamatory

 First off, I'm a total fan of MiMi J. before I even had the concept of that applying eyeshadow involved more than one shade. I didn't even wear foundation or had a clue on how to apply eyeshadow with transition colors, but I knew what great artwork looked like when I saw it. MiMi J has been that to me since I first saw her work popup in my email in 2010.

Last nights class was on fall trends for 2015, in which she demonstrated a black smokey eye and nude lip. First she created the black smokey eye like you normally would with a dark base, your transition colors, and the black eyeshadow. What I wasn't prepared for was the use of Inglot's loose pigment shadow being lightly applied with her finger that changed the game. My mind went running with this concept of the variety of things I could now do with a black smokey eye to give it a spark of its' own.

Here's some images I found of Inglot's loose pigment #85. Inglot Loose pigments are sold in store at The Glamatory.

She also gave some great tips on how to highlight and contour under your foundation for a more natural look, how to tight line the upper inner lash line(HUGE PLUS FOR ME!!!), and talked about the importance of selecting the correct color setting powder for your complexion to avoid the over highlighted under eye appearance. She also mentioned that HD setting powder is only great for film to blur our imperfections, and should NOT be used for anything that will involve photography such as red carpet events, weddings and so forth. The HD powder will create a flash back due to reflective properties in the product with great attention noticed in the under eye area where the powder was applied. NO ONE WANTS THAT!!!

The Beauty Hour: Fall Makeup Trends with Mimi J.
 Unfortunately, I got there late and missed the opportunity to see the first example for an easy way to clean up your foundation with the first model pictured here, but she came back to her and showed an easy way to create a fall dark lip makeup look that doesn't take more then 10 minutes, which I loved! She lined the lips with "Nightmoth" from MAC and applied a very LIGHT coat of Pnk Digger's "Magic City" with a lip brush for more precision. Afterwards, she cleaned it up with a concealer and stressed some important points of why it's important to clean up around the lips with concealer if you're going to be applying makeup for photo shoots. She stated that the camera picks up on all those details even though the naked eye cannot see it from afar. It's an extra step the photographer doesn't have to do in photoshop, which will be a plus for the next time they're looking for a makeup artist.

She applied a dark brown eyeliner right above the lash line and smudged it in with her finger, applied some mascara, along with tips on how to apply it successfully, and viola!!! There was so much more info which would make this blog super long, so make sure to check her out for yourself!

I totally look forward to the next class! I always leave her presence learning something I didn't know before to help take my art form of makeup artistry to the next level. 

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