Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Quote: If you are Angry with anyone, Forgive Them Today!

So I've been reading and hearing this message quite often, and had to share it. Too many of us are holding onto a past memory, a recent incident or an accumulation of repeated injustice, that we replay in our minds, becoming bitter and bitter each time we recall it. This does nothing for you but steal your peace or daily bread. If anyone has hurt you, let it go. Forgive Now. Holding onto those feelings of what they did to you and never forgetting it or forgiving only ages our bodies and souls. You don't hurt that person, you hurt yourself. The question is how long will you continue to hurt yourself as well? For our lack of forgiveness towards others will stop us from been forgiven, and entering into heaven, but also experiencing peace on earth through our issues. #prayhard #forgive #loveoneanother #God #doontoothers #wisewords #instaquote #quotes #quotes #quoteoftheday #pray #praydaily #prayerlife

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