Tuesday, September 1, 2015

MUA TIPS: Charlotte Tilbury tip on creating a winged cat eye

I have to say it's interesting watching pro's apply makeup, verses other youtube makeup artist. I have come to realize that there is a difference, depending on the person, and their skill set of what they specialize in. Some people love the heavy coverage and dramatic looks, and some people, like myself, love the more natural magazine look, where you can't tell you're wearing makeup besides on your eyes and lips.

In this video, Charlotte Tilbury gives a great example of how to line your eyes. What I like about it is she actually layers the eyeliner for the evening time, since there's a chance of sweating. She layers it with a pencil liner first, and then she goes over it with Maybelline gel liner to seal in the look. Recently, I've been doing this layering technique after watching youtube videos of makeup enthusiast and artist that attended Makeup by Mario's recent makeup master class with Kim Kardasian. That is the one constant thing I heard from all the youtubers, which is layering to seal in the look. It makes sense for me since my eyeliner has had the tendency to crack and chip off before the end of the night. Since I've been using an NYC Kohl eyeliner and Maybelline gel liner or NYC liquid eyeliner, I've totally noticed the difference!

I hope this helps someone else who is wanting to learn how to apply their eyeliner to create more of a sensual/edgy editorial/magazine makeup look.

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