Saturday, September 19, 2015

Feeling Lost & Confusted | What I'm doing to change

So after creating the first video and realizing there are more people, women specifically, out there feeling lost and empty who are trying to fill the void with purchasing makeup, starting a new hobby, dating, drinking or whatever to change that feeling of numbness, I wanted to create more videos of showing what I'm doing to change this feeling. I want to share what's working so that it may encourage someone else who is feeling the same way. All the feelings of anxiety over work, money, whether or not I need to be in a relationship with anyone versus focusing on building a better relationship with God. I already felt like I had a good relationship with myself, but it can't be if I'm not spending time with God, reading positive words to continue to build my character, and the way I think.

I hope these videos will help someone out there who is feeling lost and out of place.
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