Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Love this Video that shows you how to use Color Adjusters to change the undertone of your Foundation

This video gives great examples of how to use the color wheel to remove red or yellow from your foundation.

For example, if the foundation you purchased is too red for your skin, to get rid of the red, you would use a green adjuster or flash cosmetics to correct the foundation color. Once you've neutralized the foundation, if you have a yellow undertone, you can add yellow, or orange to the foundation to warm it up. As seen in the color wheel chart below, whatever color you want to cancel out, use the color directly opposite of it.
If you have if under your eyes are bluish, you will use more of an orange tone to correct it and so on. Same for redness in your skin, you can use a primer or lotion mixed with green from an flash cosmetics or color correcting palette. If your foundation is too yellow, you can neutralize it with purple. It's pretty simple once you understand how to use the chart.

The video above is a great example especially for makeup artist, who tend to work with different skin tones on a regular basis.

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