Sunday, March 8, 2015

What I learned about oily skin when it comes to preserving the long wear of Makeup

Yesterday had to be one of the most interesting days for me, filled with women that I met that shared great information regarding skincare, and the cause of oily skin after the application of makeup. My day started at Ulta Beauty, with the beauty Rachael from Becca Cosmetics in Chicago. She was just so open and warm. I felt like I knew her for years!

Rachael shared great tips regarding applying everyday makeup, and how to use the same product for multiple purposes, which I love to do, so you know I liked her already.

  • Usually, with Becca Cosmetics, she stated the foundation works really great without primer, as long as you MOISTURIZE really well!
  • She prefers to make sure the skin is moisturized well with any kind of product that has Hyaludronic Acid.
  • Uses the Becca Powder foundation as your contour and use to fill eyebrows.
  • The new Becca Cashmere Contour brush is great for using to apply foundation (SUPER SOFT on the skin), and easy to clean between products because the brush doesn't absorb product.
  • Use your cream or liquid blush to tint your cheeks and lips.
  • For greasy eyelids, she recommended Urban decay long wearing primer, which she said is the best, but not great for dry lids, will dry them up even more.

Then we headed off to Nordstrom at Perimeter Mall, not planning to sample anymore makeup, but that's not how things turned out. We ended up going from sampling blushes at the Bobbi Brown counter, to chatting over 30 minutes with Katie Singleton, a Makeup Artist for Bobbi Brown.

Katie was so warm and welcoming with her beautiful Irish accent. I loved how she was so informative about the Bobbi Brown line, which is all about skincare, not just makeup.

Oily skin occurs when your skin is dehydrated, in which is produces more oil to moisturize itself, she explained that's why my skin produces so much oil when I have on makeup, especially with all the press powder that I pack on. That look is great for going out at night, but she recommended using foundation, whether cream or liquid, applying a light blush for contour (which she uses a very nude blush), and highlight. That's it! Go with dewy makeup look is what she recommended for every woman.

All the makeup in the world can't hide the fact that we have terrible skin (other then filters in our instagram photos :)), which should be first and foremost. She stressed that importance of moisturizing your skin, even if it is oily, in which, she recommended the gel cream for oily skin. This will help balance the production of oil by hydrating the skin. Drinking water is also highly important as well.

For additional skincare, she also recommended using Bobbi Brown's Exfoliating Grain that you can add to any facial wash, since all skin are made equal. From time to time, we need to change our facial wash because our skin gets use to the product, and can begin to resist what is in it, causing it to no longer work as well. It was recommended by both Rachael and Katie, to switch up your hair and facial skincare products. I think this is a brilliant way to change up your soaps, but still use the same buffing
grains to exfoliate and renew your skin.

All in all, I learned that moisturizing my skin is key to balancing my oily skin dilemma, whether I'm wearing makeup or not. Typically, I only moisturize my skin when I put on makeup, but that is changing from today onward. I hope this helps someone in need.

Take care and have a Beautiful, oil-free face!

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