Monday, February 16, 2015

SEO TIP: Join's Contest if you're seeking to create more visibility online

I decided to work on my Polyvore page, since it was seriously lacking in activity, and some creativity as well. As I was creating pieces and learning the in's and out's of Polyvore, I discovered a contest page were you can gain more exposure. You creation is posted on a page where everyone goes to vote, giving you exposure to more followers and your profile. I jumped from 1,018 views to 1,817 views overnight! Goes to show you that if you want people to reach out to you, you must first reach out to others, by liking, following and commenting on their images. Just a little tip I wanted to share for anyone who is setting out to brand themselves, or a project.

If you're a creative person, own a blog, or have a love for fashion, you should definitely check it out at!

Fashion Week Dark Winter Florals 3

Fashion Week 2015 Inspiration

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