Sunday, February 15, 2015

For the Single Folks that feel sad being "alone" on Valentine's Day

Yesterday, I started my day off like any other Saturday, almost. I decided to do an over body scrub, massage my skin, from my face to my thighs, which felt totally awesome. I figured why wait for someone to massage you when you can do it yourself. It not only promotes circulation and better looking skin, but helps to loosen up toxins to flush them out – along with water of course. Pretty much, it was a pamper me day, which included some reading from "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin, that I picked up from Goodwill sometime last year.

This book pretty much shares how the author choose something each month of the year to focus on and change in her life to add more happiness to it.

What seemed like a normal Saturday of grocery shopping, turned into a creative moment with my son Aaron. I told him he could pick only one thing he truly wanted, so he choose to make red velvet cupcakes out of all things, with red icing to top it off, which really was 2 items. Lol. I have to say, it was great spending time with him baking; allowing him the freedom to read the directions, and do things the way he wanted. Even though it appeared messy to me, for him, it was just perfect. Eventually, I saw the bigger picture, which is not about me being selfish with my views, but the joy it brought him.

This made me think about how we need to enjoy ourselves no matter if we're single or not, and learn to stop nit picking every single detail of life. Find something different to do, regardless of how small, and make the best out of it. We had never made cupcakes before, and needless to say, red velvet out of all things. I have to say that this was a pleasurable experience, not to only take your mind off being single during this time, and doing something creative, but also learning to let go of all judgements.

The real truth is, we are not "alone", it is really just a matter of perspective. If you want someone to love you, be loving to others first. If you want someone to bring you flowers or chocolate, do it for someone else, including yourself. My conclusion after spending time with my son yesterday is, spend it with the people that are right in your reach, whether coworkers, parents, children, siblings or yourself. Stop waiting for this imaginary love to show up, and become what you desire now, right where you are.

Here's a quote that I found on Emily Ley's blog by "chance", which is exactly where I was reading yesterday.

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