Friday, January 23, 2015

What if I told you, you are the cause of your unhappiness?

What if I also told you, you are also the key to your happiness? We waste time over thinking the wrongs that others have done instead of forgiving and learning to let things go. Letting go could be forgiving and remaining friends or leaving friendships behind with no regret, hatred, anger or judgement in your heart. 

It can be a challenge at times to do these things but only because we choose to make them difficult. Situations can remain difficult if we choose to focus on it, complain to our friends about it and so on. By doing so, we keep giving life to unhappiness.

Being patient with others and ourselves is one of the keys to happiness, the other is purifying your heart on a daily basis through reading spiritual books, meditating, prayer or all of the above. Now remembering, that is our daily challenge 😊  that can be overcome.

Take care and talk soon,

Bye Loves

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