Thursday, January 15, 2015

So in LOVE with this handbag from under $35

I have to say I'm not like some women who buy multiple bags at a time. Preferably, I like to window shop until I find a piece that speaks to me saying, "Stop! I'm the one". 

They normally have to serve a purpose, like a clutch that will go with a certain look but can be utilized with more than one outfit. With handbags, I normally purchase them one at a time when one dies off and it's in a "safe" color that I can use during different seasons. That's is wishful hoping of course. Other purposes it has to serve as well as a camera for events, diaper bag and/or laptop carrying case. This definitely caught my eye on shoedazzle. One of the reviews stated that it has a soft shape, so it's nothing stiff, but I love those types of bags because you can fit more in them. To top it off, the price is pretty much around the range I spend on a bag at Marshall's or TJ Maxx, which makes it PERFECT! No sure yet, but this is definitely one to consider.

Which color would you purchase?



VIP Offer: $3248
Regular: $9995
You save: 67%

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