Monday, January 26, 2015

Images from The Glamatory's Fundraiser Mixer 1-24-2015

 First off, I have to say the purple color definitely set the tone for the evening with this makeup fundraiser event by The Glamatory, with owner Celebrity Makeup Artist @MiMiJOnline. This event was packed with glamorous looking women and a few gents who came to support in the name of entrepreneurship.

Upon entry, I got the pleasure of meeting the owner of @PnkDigger, the infamous lipstick, lip stain and lipgloss company that started last year and has had tremendous success over such a short period. Actually, before speaking with Stephanie, she was busy greeting instagram fans that she clearly recognized, which I thought was amazing! Talk about great customer business relationship! As I waited for the opportunity to chat with Stephanie, I sampled some of PnkDigger infamous lip pigments and everyone I picked, to my surprise where sold out for the evening. That's shows you how popular their new fall color are.

Finally, I got my moment to chat with Stephanie, a very down to earth woman, and I had to ask how she got started. I'm always curious to find out what drives people to go down a road they've never traveled. Stephanie is a makeup artist and has always been known as the "pink lipstick girl". Coworkers kept suggesting she should create her own makeup line, in which the opportunity presented itself in one of the most unlikely situations. It was during a breakup that she decided to start a makeup line of all things. I thought that was a great way to use your energy by pouring into something to distract you instead of entertaining self-pity. Look how all that effort paid off! Even though they did have the shades I wanted, she was so sweet to give me on of the lip pigments, "Velvet Room", which turned out to be the perfect shade for me. That totally made my night, since I'm a lipgloss fanatic! Checkout these lip pigments on

MiMi J as she auctions off Urban as one of the raffle prizes.
Natt Taylor was also one of the other vendors at this event.
She designs cut fitted clothing for women.

 I have to say that this drink was one of the highlights of this event. Carmaleita, Mixologist of Lyght House Cocktails, had a mixed bourbon drink with strong hints of cinnamon and lemonade, even though I am not a fan of cinnamon at all, this drink was FANTASTIC!!! Everyone I met kept talking about how great the flavor was and the lingering taste. If you're looking for a bartender for your special event, you have got to sample her mixes. You can book her at

Than I got into one of my photo shoot modes with DJ Princess Cut oof Hot 107.9, lol...

Last but not least, I got the pleasure of meeting Denise of Feet Candy Couture, who was so creative in every aspect, from being a henna artist to creating ring anklets and ring bracelets with a bling! I got so caught up in talking that I did take enough photos of her jewelry collection but you can view the at

Checkout and for more details.

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