Friday, January 30, 2015

All Nude Matte Eyeshadow Palette's under $40

Okay, so I realized out of all the eyeshadow I have, which is loads of shimmer, satin and foil, I don't have a large range of nude matte eyeshadow for crease color to create a beautiful transition or for just an overall matte look. So I did some research and so far have only found 3 palettes worth mentioning, so let's get started.

1. $40 Paula's Choice

I hadn't even heard of it til yesterday, taking one of my youtube mental breaks from work. One of my favorite youtubers is Gossmakeupartist, was a part of putting this palette together, make sure to check him out!  There are 11 matte colors and 1 shimmer, which I can live with. :)

Checkout his video on the color swatches!

Click to view in store.

This is an limited edition palette so once they are out, that's that.


Limited Edition
  • 12 flattering shades designed to highlight your best features
  • Includes a soft shimmer shade to add shine to any of the matte colors
  • Designed in collaboration with popular YouTube makeup artist Wayne Goss

Now that I'm getting more into makeup, I realize the importance in investing in certain things such as eyeshadow. You can find great quality eyeshadow at a good bargin, you just have to do some research. With this product, you'll looking at $3.33 per eyeshadow, which is pretty good. Too bad Milani does not have matte eyeshadow, yet that is. Their eyeshadow are super pigmented, creamy and just beautiful.

2. $20 Sonia Kashuk Eye Couture Eye Palette - Eye On Neutral 02

Next up is the runner up that I think I will sample first, which is going for half the price of Paula's Choice.

Checkout this video color swatches of Sonia Kashuk vs Vise Art, start at 8:40 on the video to skip all the details. She did a FULL swatch.


The Sonia Kashuk Eye Couture Palette is comprised of your essential matte neutral shades. The formulas are extremely blendable with a velvety, soft touch and superior color release. The Eye On Neutral palette is fragrance and paraben free.

Last but not least...

3. $6.99 Physicians Formula Matte Collection Quad Eyeshadow

Now these look like they would be perfect if you have some matte colors in your collection but missing a few for either cool, neutral or warm skin tones. These where comparable to MAC, which is a great selling point for me at $6.99!!! Really, I think it only makes since to grab one of these!

 Here is one of Moe's images below from her blog.


Create a picture perfect eye with this collection of matte finish eye shadows by Physicians Formula. These silky-smooth shadows glide on without skipping or tugging. Compact includes mirror and sponge-tip applicator. Hypoallergenic. Fragrance free. Dermatologist tested.

I hope this was helpful!

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