Monday, December 8, 2014

New Year, New You: Time to UPGRADE your THINKING!

So I just had the most interesting thought as I was logging into my account. Our phones tell us to change your plan, view your usage, manage your profile, check for upgrades and check your features. We are quick to upgrade an app in a moment but let it be our lives, we procrastinate. Why don't we change our plans without needing a thousand reasons, check for upgrades and just do it, check our features to see if they are working for us on a regular basis? Why don't we manage our profile to see if what we are putting out there is working for us and not just the world? All these messages flash before us in which we ignore them on a daily basis but they are all within plain sight. What are you ignoring that's within plain sight that is flashing at you to change? KL

Check out the video!


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