Sunday, December 14, 2014

My short hair Journey to finally choosing to grow my hair

Found some pics of old hairstyles I've had in the past. I look forward to my hair being long again. Until than I will enjoy wigs and clipins!!! I know some people may ask why and I say, why not! Life is long and sometimes quite boring. A great way to spice it up for most people is by traveling or going shopping and this, to me is some what the same thing.

Hair is like a pair of shoes, they make the outfit. You can have on the nicest suit or the prettiest dress, but if your shoes or hair is off, it's a wrap. Basically, hair is just an accessory to complete the look you're going for. 

We all need to live a little. Initially, I had to get over the thought that people would know it was a wig, but once I let go and just wore it in confidence keeping in mind the purpose it was serving, I stopped caring. For me, this is just another way of me working with all I have until my hair gets to the length I want. This is my way of resisting the temptation to keep cutting my hair into lovely, edgy, short hair cuts.

Maybe this will help someone become bold enough to try something new without damaging their hair or take a chance to just be playful and do something different.

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