Thursday, December 4, 2014

My Hair Journey to grow my hair without chopping it off

Getting ready to head out and as usual, I don't feel like doing my hair. As the saying goes #aintnobodygottimeforthat. Anyone that knows me knows I love short funky hair cuts but I'm ready for a change. Instead of being tempted to cut it due it being in that in between stage, I decided this summer to do something bold and get a wig or wigs. Wigs give you so much freedom to play with different colors and hair styles, without damaging your hair and it's not permanent! I know there are many people that will state I have "good hair" but it has nothing to do with that. Every person has to take care of their hair if they want it to behave properly. This wig was too thin for my liking. I like them with a lot of volume, but it works great as a short hair cut! If you own a wig, what's your favorite? 

Model Model synthetic hair lace deep invisible L part lace front wig

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