Monday, December 8, 2014

It only takes one person to change your life, YOU!

It only takes one person to change your life, YOU

How many of us are waiting on someone else to "complete us"? The funny thing is I don't think we were ever taught to think we are already whole. We are not one half waiting on another half to become one or complete. We are already made whole, being continually broken to become more whole like the fish and bread in the bible that was broken to feed thousands. 

Most of the time I think the reason why we feel we are empty or missing something is because we're seeking it outside of ourselves instead of searching within to fill our souls. Searching within could mean anything. It could range from reading self-help books to improve your life, spiritual books, pursuing a hobby you always thought about but never followed through on or working out to gain better health. Whatever it is you feel you are missing is already in you, you just have to seek it and invest in you. 

You're like a seed. It has all it needs to grow to its potential but it must be planted in good soil, watered and placed in the sun. Sometimes it may even need to be pruned. Even though it may hurt to be pruned, in the end you will reap more! You have to do the work for no one else can. Not a lover, best friend, parent, husband, or wife. Life is waiting on you to invest into yourself in order to become more whole and eventually, meet other whole people. Don't wait till next year to make a change, start now no matter how small. 

Have a beautiful day! KL

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