Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Is your mind constantly worrying, fearing or won't stop thinking?

One thing I like to do when I wake up and before I go to bed is work to feed my mind and soul with good words of wisdom. There is too much we face on a day to day basis that we must do our part daily to feed our hearts with spiritual food before we eat from the world. If we dont fill our hearts before consuming the world it is easy for us to loose focus of what matters and what is true. When our spiritual tank is low, we can notice it when we start to feel easily discouraged, depressed, sad, fearful or just simply focusing on our problems instead of having faith in the I'm-possible. 

If you have never begun this practice of going to sleep with good thoughts and starting your day first with good thoughts, I would like to recommend it to anyone that is experiencing a mind that won't rest. Rest from thoughts of negativity or stress. You can do this by reading a spiritual book, listening to audio or watching a youtube video. We all fall off every now and than from seeing the truth by allowing life's problem to consume us and neglect feeding our mind and soul, but it is our soul's #urpose to seek truth first and last on a daily basis to remain hopeful. KL 

No matter what difficulties you face may you be well, happy and always have hope

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