Thursday, December 4, 2014

I really enjoyed last night's Atlanta event for #Glambitious by @IamLillimae

I really enjoyed last night's event for #Glambitious by @IamLillimae on Instagram. The panelists included actress and filmmaker Jasmine Burke, makeup artist Alex Butler, makeup artist & blogger Rebecca Wade and Food Write & Food Rep for Zaxby's Eating with Erica. These beautiful ladies shared their stories of how they started, the challenges they've faced and how they've overcome it and shared wise advice to follow if you're planning to pursue what moves you.

Alex Butler, Rebecca Wade, Jasmine Burke & Lillie Mae

Eating with Eric & Lillie Mae PR

Guest from Glambitious Atlanta Event

I got the pleasure of meeting several women entrepreneurs at this event. One thing I do have to say, you will never grow as a person if you never openly allow yourself to reach out and socialize with others. I loved that Lillie Mae encouraged the women to engage with one another, stressing the importance of stepping outside of our comfort zones to get to know other women in the room. The women who engaged with the most people won prizes throughout the night. No point in going to an event if you only plan to listen and leave and never met new people. We could all stand to learn something new from others. You never know what treasure of information they know that could be your key to working smarter and not harder.

Nina with Portrait Couture - Glamour for Everyday Women

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The first person I had a pleasure of meeting was Nina. I love how she openly approached me with no holds bar. I could easily tell she loves to engage with people, by her smile that greeted at the door when I first walked in. Nina is a photographer and the speech she gave on why she became one was so moving and totally made sense. The year she decided to become a photographer, she lost 4 women that where in her circle, in which none of them had ever taken any beautiful images of themselves in years. Those images are something your family will cherish when you are gone. Like taking photos with your mother, grandmother or daughter. No one is promised tomorrow, in which it totally made sense. Capture the moment now while you can.

Kenyatta & Lucy

The next wonderful person I got the pleasure of meeting was Kenyatta. Her story of why she left corporate america behind to follow her passion was moving. It happened shortly after her mother passed. That was when she realized that what she was doing, even though she was good at it, it wasn't what she was passionate about. Due to that experience, it made her realize how precious time and life is. She stated, "You only get once life to live, live it well." Kenyatta took a chance by dropping everything she knew to pursue a new career as a Licensed Nail Care Technician, working for herself.

I know it always seems scary when you're going down a road you've never traveled before, but as Jasmine Burke stated, "you have all you need within you!" It's already there. Life throws these situations at you to show you what you're made of and who's got you through it all when you forget, get tired or become weary.

Rebecca Wade & Lucy from Babs & Mickie

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So to my surprise the lady that Kenyatta was servicing was also a business owner. I'm so happy to see women like Lucy just taking chances and seeing what can happen when you choose to walk by faith and not by sight alone. 

Last but not least, Barbara who's an Medical Esthetician. If you're curious like I was, a medical esthetician is someone that works for a plastic surgeon to help people attain healthier skin and shows you how to take better care of what you have.  She stressed the importance of not just taking care of your skin from the outside but from the inside out. Her services include facials, chemical peels, body scrubs to remove dead skin, treating ingrown hairs and the most interesting one she listed was back facials. A back facial is what you would get if you're planning to go on vacation and wear a bikini or an open back dress. Since the back is a very difficult area to reach and properly wash to remove dead skin, it is recommended to get a back facial which she stated is better than just a back massage. It feels great! 

Well, I won a prize to enjoy her services, so I will be posting about that soon!

Lilli Mae PR - IG @IamLillimae

Eating with Erica - IG @eatingwitherica

Alex Butler - IG +themuaalex 

Jasmine Burke & Erica

Alex Butler chatting and Guest

Overall, I had an amazing time listening to these wonderful women talk about their ups and downs but I love how they all stressed the same message, follow your passion, that feeling in your heart that keeps tugging at you. It's doing that for a reason.

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