Friday, December 26, 2014

How to properly use beauty blender to create the perfect face!

I was so lost on how to properly use my beauty blender until I saw this pictorial. Now I understand. You have to get the sponge to the point that is so soft and squeeze all the water out and then use to blend. That's all. I use 2 sponges. One for highlight and one for contouring so I get an accurate color result. I will be creating a video for this to help others get the perfect result. With the same wet sponge, I use it to apply the press powder to my contour and highlight. I use 2 different shades of press powder to seal the look. All I can say is you will never have that dry under eye powdered look when you use the same wet beauty blender in with the respective colors.

Thanks to for this awesome image!

I purchased my beauty blender dupe on amazon for $1.99! Works GREAT! It takes around 3 or so weeks to  arrive but you can't beat the price point or results.

Link to beauty blender on amazon

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