Thursday, December 11, 2014

DollarTree Makeup Haul & Test 12-6-2014

Here are some products that I purchased from the Dollartree recently. I couldn't wait  to test them. Check out the images on below of the how these tested products turned out. 

Products from DollarTree include:
@lacolorscosmetics - mascara, lipliner, presspowders tan and nude, lipstick natural  
@nyx - lipgloss
@Profusion - Color me glow Eyeshadow palette

LA Colors Lipstick in Natural Shine with NYX Truffle Lipliner. Used both press powders, tan for contour and nude for highlight. I also used a bronzer and blush to complete this look.
LA Colors Dual Pencial - Used Purple Eyeshadow end with Glossaholic Holographic 3d lipgloss

NYX Lipgloss - 1st one has an opal color/appearance. Love the pinkish tone. Too bad they smell like CRAYONSl!!!

Very surprised how well this product went on and it didn't clump after 4 applications. At the end of the night, I didn't have raccoon eyes!!! BIG PLUS!!!

TIP: USE WATER WITH YOU BRUSH BEFORE DIPPING IN EYESHADOW FOR A MORE RICH COLOR WHEN APPLIED. I used the last 3 colors in the first image to create this look.

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