Saturday, November 29, 2014

Why do we allow fear to run the show in our minds?

Fear, fear... Oh how you come disguised popping into our minds as a solution to run havoc in our lives, when you are really only reminding us of all our problems and how it makes us feel uneasy. Why do we choose you over faith when you are both things unseen? When one brings us unnecessary pain if we choose to sulk in it and the other lightens our load if we let go of what we can't change and trust God's process. We all have things we fear but the question is will it solve anything if it does not involve a solution. What are you allowing fear to stop in your life today? If you are entertaining fear, ask yourself what am I so afraid will happen if what I feared actually occured. The bigger question is suppose what I fear never happens, than what? Something to chew on. Have a fabulous Saturday! KL

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