Thursday, November 27, 2014

Time Does Not Heal Everything. Acceptance Will Heal Everything!

Wow...How simple, yet true! Most of us are waiting on "time" to heal things to avoid pain. Somehow we've come to believe that running away is the solution and it will fix things, but it never does. The things we run from always have a way of running right back around full circle in another shape or form for us to face. When situations repeatedly occur with different faces, that is your sign that you need to address them or it will get worse. I'm coming to a place where I believe that God or whatever you prefer to relate to, wants you to face yourself in the situation to truly SEE you. Seeing you could mean not blaming, forgiving, letting go, choosing to love anyway, all while gaining MORE WISDOM. The key here is gaining more wisdom to avoid you from repeating the same actions that are causing these situations to occur. Until we face them we will continue that cycle until we face it by being still and accepting what is in order to truly see us and the path we are suppose to be on. 

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