Saturday, November 29, 2014

Loved this Atlanta event held at Suede for "Women In Business Power Networking Event"

Today is National Entrepreneurs' Day and this event held at Suede, located in downtown Atlanta, had a mixed array of women entrepreneurs from all walks of life. This event was hosted by Royal Enterprises, Author Mariah M Jerido, ElleQ Casting & Leta Lagaunda. Products sold by vendors ranged from stylish fashion clothing, human resources services for companies that are beginning to hire contractors/employees, fashionable hair accessories, exotic jewelry pieces, men's jewelry and signature pens, remarkable anti-aging cream not only for your face but also for stomachs that have been stretched beyonds it's limits due to pregnancy to extreme weight gain, custom made soaps, an entertainment group for music artist, song writers and models and last but not least, custom made skirts and clutches.

Meet Kimberly. She's been in business for a few months and is loving the freedom to be able to be her own boss and sell stylish clothing. She came all the way from North Carolina to attend this event and was so excited to be a part of this event. Her smile and charisma alone will get her far in this business.

Stylish Image Boutique by Kimberly Matthews

Love it when I learn something new.  This jewelry is by Traci Lynn, who happens to be the CEO of Traci Lynn ministries, Inc., which includes Victorious Living in Christ Broadcast Ministries. She has been interviewed on "Good Morning America" and featured in an article for entrepreneurial excellence, in “Essence Magazine”. 

How awesome is that to learn a little history about the company you are about to purchase from, not to mention, the jewelry looks totally fabulous! I love how all the pieces are oversized and the design is over exaggerated. If you're looking for a signature jewelry piece to add to your collection, definitely contact Ronii Lynncintoeld by Ronita Moore

Now, I'm in total amazement with this product and will be trying this product out asap! The product was made to help with skin cancer and ended up having a whole other effect. Their clients kept coming back for more because of the noticeable anti-aging effects it had on their skin. This is such a great alternative to plastic surgery.

This was a mother and daughter team. They where so friendly and knowledgable that I felt totally welcomed and left fully informed. Thank you Ladies!

The Nerium Experience skin care products sold by Katerina Marks

I definitely had to see the banner to visually see how these hair accessories looked when worn. They are so adorably cute! Their accessories range from hair pins that can be used in the hair and on scarfs, to stylish bobby pins that are extremely sturdy.

Julie has only been doing this for a few months and she says, it has been a very successful venture for her. She shared some of her tips to getting more exposure and business by signing up for as many vendor events on and hosting facebook parties. Now that is new to me but I will definitely have to look up more information on how to host one.

Make sure to check her out if you're looking for a cute hair accessories to complete your outfit!

Lilla Rose Fashionable Haircessories by Julie Johnson

Now Sharita shared with me some things that when you operate your own business, you don't realize there are laws and regulations you have to follow when you begin to hire contractors and employees. My mouth dropped as she began to share different scenarios that can occur to cause your business to close.

Call her if you are running a business and beginning to grow and outsource.

Robinson Consulting Services Human resources Consulting Firm by Sharita Robinson

Stacy Robinson Studios (cufflinks, rings, pens & more) by Sharita Robinson

NRC is an Entertainment company that promotes music artist, models, song writers and more. They also give back to the community by participating in a large number of nonprofit events. Glad to see a company that believes in giving back!

NRC Entertainment (In Our Circle 360 Entertainment) with Natasha Crump & Iesha Allen

This company carries custom made fragrance soaps. From soaps made for children, rough soaps, exfoliating soaps, body salts, to men's soap sets as well. If they don't have a smell that you prefer, request a scent and they will create it. They also offer non-fragrance soaps as well. Talk about great customer service to accommodate their customers. 

In the second image, that is an exfoliating body soap made of coffee, grits and if I'm correct, oatmeal. Now the fourth soap is very creative. One of the soaps has been molded into praying hands and the other, a cross. I thought that was cute.
Yes, the false teeth are made of soap! Aren't those too cute? I thought so. These ladies where a joy to chat with! They've only been creating soap since August of this year. Very inspiring to see people taking action to follow their dreams no matter their age.

YOUnique Soaps...Etc LLC

Now Janet is just talented. She has only been sewing since June of this year, but her skills are amazing!!! The brown skirt on the bottom left has pockets, which has a custom made matching clutch as well. The special attention to detail is amazing. You'll have to see her designs up close and personal for yourself! 

Designs Buy Janet
Facebook Instagram  @designsbuyjanet

Kismae's candle table was at the entrance when I arrived but I'm glad I got to her last. The candles she sold by Pink Zebra, had such a strong aroma making it difficult to choose. I ended up purchasing 2 candles mixed into one. After only being on the burner for 10 minutes, my ENTIRE downstairs smells amazing!!! Note:  The smell is extremely potent! I've used Yankee Candles and this is just as and maybe even more potent for a lesser price.

Now Kismae had a secret she was hiding. I discovered she also organizes free art, crochet and knitting events at different locations in the Atlanta area. She knitted this Falcon's colored shawl in hopes of them winning this season, but we all know how that's gone. Thank you for sharing Kismae!

Pink Zebra (candles, burners & lotions) sold by Kismae Grimes

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