Friday, November 7, 2014

Iyanla Tip: Don't Let People Lie to You!

I have to say I love this advice of Iyanla! She is HILARIOUS! If you are familiar with her on the OWN Network, Iyanla shares wise words that all on this planet can relate to.

I ran into this short video on youtube and it had me rolling but it had some very simple truth. After much reading on the subject of responding or reacting to things that are not true, I'm coming to a place of truth. I'm realizing that even if people lie to you, a response is not needed. Yes, I'm saying responding only waste your energy, time and mental peace. People will argue with you to believe in them, when you know deep down inside of your being, there is something that does not feel right. Being still will reveal the truth ALWAYS. To be still could mean not reacting, mediating, praying, being silent (it's golden for a reason) or just simply going about life until something appears to resolve or confirm.

I'm coming to a place and realizing that God or this higher source does not need us to interfere by being reactive, angry, unforgiving, complaining, bitter or whatever that does not reflect your pure self when others do things such as lying or being manipulative. All these characteristics hide the true self and blocks others and even yourself from being able to love you.

Your job is to learn to recognize when your soul tugs on you to say, something isn't right here, show me what it is oh Lord. Ask and you shall receive. Just know that when you ask, it will come. Don't allow fear to prevent you from doing what is right.

Here's a start to a truthful Friday! Enjoy!

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