Monday, November 24, 2014

I won an "It Works!" Body Wrap

So yesterday, I was really looking to get into something since it was one of those days where your plans fall through and you're left with nothing to do. I was dressed with no where to go, so I thought. Luckily, I was able to contact one of my friends who suggested an event at an Atlanta coffee shop, Honey Bubble, which I had no idea it was for "It Works" body wraps.

If you're on instagram, you've seen their ads with women stomachs all out of shape from too much fat or from the skin being stretched beyond it's limits due to pregnancy. I was curious about it but never thought I would actually get a chance to get one. To my surprise, I was at one of these events, which I received useful information and got to experience it for myself through sampling and asking questions. They have a list of other products from fat absorbers that prevents your body from ingesting the fatty oils, which is in the third photo, it absorbs the oils and falls to the bottom of the cylinder glass, to the hair and nail supplements that help them grow healthier and longer.

Of course, that is not what I was interested in. I was more interested in the wraps. Now, the way the wrap works and why it's so effective is due to its anti-inflammatory properties, that's why it looks like it shrinks the body. It's not getting rid of water weight, it's getting rid of inflammation in your body. This is one of the reasons why it's not a one time use in you desire to see great results. Just like working out, you have to do it on a regular basis, maybe not as often, along with a proper diet and some exercise wouldn't hurt. The real question is what is causing the inflammation in the body. Surely, it is most likely to do with diet or lack of certain nutrients and/or exercise. I'm one of those people that don't like to bandage the issue, I like to dig down to the root of the problem.

I will be talking about my experience once I sample the prize I won.

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