Friday, November 21, 2014

Are you having issues with Forgiveness? Keep this in mind.

Forgiveness...This seems to be the subject of my life for over a year now. All the answers I've come to realize point back to us being able to forgive. We free ourselves from mental anguish, unnecessary waste of time by spending valuable thought on things that make no difference in this very moment. The only difference it creates is blockage from connecting with this very moment and most importantly, God and universe. If we lack the ability to forgive we cannot expect for the door of blessings to open, for unforgiveness blocks our hearts from being pure. An unpure heart can't receive, perceive or believe in the truth of possibilities of anything greater unless it let's go and forgives. Unforgiveness blocks us from receiving all of our fresh daily bread each day, only leaving us to chew on the past over and over, like eating the same stale bread time after time.

What are you holding onto that is blocking you from being in today? What is blocking you from living every moment free of your own mental torment? If you are suffering unnecessarily, I send out a prayer to all that read this who are finding issues with forgiveness for their hearts to be healed, their souls and minds to be relieved, for the release of past pains from others but most importantly of the pain we have caused ourselves. Amen...for it is done!

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